Chewy Lemonhead Tropical 23g


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Chewy Lemonhead Tropical mini candies

This American brand of candy, first introduced in 1962, produced by the Ferrara Candy Company. The “chewtensity” of Chewy Lemonhead Tropical and it’s intensely sour and incredibly chewy, every piece has two refreshing flavors in a powerful sweetly sour blend: Kiwi-Strawberry, Peach-Mango, Cherry Watermelon, Pink Lemonade and Berry-Banana.

This is a mini version of the original Chewy Lemonhead with a 3 cm version in a mini package.

Lemonhead candies are gluten and fat-free.

Net weight 23g


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Weight 32 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 cm