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Foot Loop Gummies Games & Stickers box

This officially licensed Kellog’s product tastes exactly like Froot Loops but in gummy form. They are the perfect gift for all of the cereal lovers in your life. Gummy candies are made with real fruit juice, making them extra tasty and delicious. Not to mention they are extremely realistic-looking. If you like Froot Loop cereal, then you are sure to love these gummy delights.

The set includes a bag of Froot Loop gummy candies, 45 stickers, and 7 games such as; crossword puzzles and scavenger hunt games, Tic Tac Toe, and more. It is the perfect gift set for all ages to enjoy a treat as well as an activity. Play along with Toucan Sam while enjoying a yummy and unique treat.

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BB Sep 2023

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