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The Russian Roulette of Candy Games

Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled jelly beans are played as a “Russian Roulette” candy game where winners get a sweet reward and losers get to taste some of the strangest flavours imaginable.

You can have as many brave players as you want play this game. Players should decide on some basic rules, like who goes first, how many points for each flavour, how many chews are required after biting, and how many points for swallowing, just to name a few. Each player takes a turn spinning the wheel or selecting a bean colour.

Players don’t know what flavour it is until they taste their jelly beans- the bad ones and the good ones look exactly alike. It could be sweet juicy pear, or salty slimy boogers. Each package comes with a variety of different types of jelly beans and each type has its own flavor, which can be super tasty or something to make your stomach spew. (You may want to have a trash can handy for the ‘faint of stomach’.)

The winner, in this challenge, is the one with who earns the most points by being BeanBoozled as well as eating the beans and swallowing them. This may all sound like crazy torture, but it’s a fun way to spend time together with friends and family and works well for both young and old. You can make up your own rules and see if you’ll be the one bamboozled with BeanBoozled.

So, are you ready to play Grandpa?

PS Click here to Spin the Wheel online and see real reactions to BeanBoozled.