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Gift Gallery

Let us make your gift giving even more special with one of our customized gift baskets. Our products are carefully selected to create unique and thoughtful gifts that will make any recipient feel appreciated. With our large selection of products to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits perfectly with your budget and occasion. Let us help you make your gift giving extra special.

Our gift baskets are packed with delicious candy items and can be tailored to fit any budget. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, our custom gift baskets are the perfect way to make the occasion extra special.

Check out our slide show to get an idea of what we can do, and get in touch to see how we can create the perfect candy gift for you.

Customize your candy gift with your own special touch and make it one of a kind! With the option to add your company logo or special message, you will be sure to stand out and make a lasting impression. Perfect for any occasion such as weddings, loot bags, Santa sweets, parties, corporate gifts and more, your customized candy bags will be the talk of the town! Got some swag of your own that you want to incorporate? We can do that too!

Get in touch with us today!

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The Russian Roulette of Candy Games

Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled jelly beans are played as a “Russian Roulette” candy game where winners get a sweet reward and losers get to taste some of the strangest flavours imaginable.

You can have as many brave players as you want play this game. Players should decide on some basic rules, like who goes first, how many points for each flavour, how many chews are required after biting, and how many points for swallowing, just to name a few. Each player takes a turn spinning the wheel or selecting a bean colour.

Players don’t know what flavour it is until they taste their jelly beans- the bad ones and the good ones look exactly alike. It could be sweet juicy pear, or salty slimy boogers. Each package comes with a variety of different types of jelly beans and each type has its own flavor, which can be super tasty or something to make your stomach spew. (You may want to have a trash can handy for the ‘faint of stomach’.)

The winner, in this challenge, is the one with who earns the most points by being BeanBoozled as well as eating the beans and swallowing them. This may all sound like crazy torture, but it’s a fun way to spend time together with friends and family and works well for both young and old. You can make up your own rules and see if you’ll be the one bamboozled with BeanBoozled.

So, are you ready to play Grandpa?

PS Click here to Spin the Wheel online and see real reactions to BeanBoozled.

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A New Year Begins

My friend from Holland always says “Happy Old and New”. I think this is a great way to remember that we really are moving from old to new, leaving yesterday behind with fond memories and looking forward to the excitement of tomorrow.

Last year, during the Thanksgiving weekend in 2020, we opened our store location in Blairmore, Alberta. It was a lot of work getting everything installed, permitted, purchased, setup, stocked, priced, and ready to open. After all that work, it was a little scary to finally open the door. Will anyone even come? Will they think it’s good? Will they buy anything?

Well, people did come, they do think it ‘s pretty good and they are buying things! As the old year ends and the new year begins, we wanted to express how very grateful we are to our community for all their support. We love your smiles when you come into the store, we love listening to your stories, we love hearing your memories and we really love being part of this great community of Crowsnest Pass.

As we look forward to tomorrow, our priority is still to source unique, quality items and bring them to our community for you. When we opened in October 2020, we started with 300 products and today we have over 675 different products available in our store and on our website. We promise to come to work with a smile everyday and help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new homes, new babies, Valentine’s day, Easter, and more.

As for today, we just want to say Thanks. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

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The Season of Love

Smoocher Lips pattern

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The season of love.

I first learned about Valentine’s Day back in my elementary school days. Each student would decorate a large envelope or tissue box and attached it to their desk. Later, at home, you would cut and decorate heart-shaped cards and then address them to your ‘valentine’ friends in class. On Valentine’s Day, you would walk around the class and deposit your cards into the envelopes hung on each desk. Sometimes, our class would have a small party and have juice and cookies.

When I was going to elementary school (a long time ago), there weren’t any prepackaged mini candy treats. Usually only a Valentine’s Day card was given. If you were lucky, you would get a few cinnamon hearts or a heart-shaped cookie. Today, there are a multitude of Valentine’s Day gift giving options including mini versions of almost every candy you can think of, all with a built in to/from card.

Today’s Valentine’s Day gift giving still includes the classics – card, flowers and candy. Celebrating love and romance shouldn’t just be a once-a-year thing. This is something that should be celebrated all year long. It shouldn’t include just love and romance, but should also include friendship, appreciation and gratitude.

Crowsnest Candy Company has some unique Valentine’s Day products to wow your special someones this year. Check out our Valentine’s Candy Kabobs or our Smoocher Gummy Lips. We also create Valentine’s Day packages that include a treat, some family-friendly Valentine’s humor and  a small card. We can customize these packages just for you. They are also great for any day of the year, including birthday’s, weddings, and other special events, or just to say thank-you to someone special.

Whether your gift-giving includes cards, flowers, candy or just plain spending time with someone, we hope you have a great day!

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Have you chose a costume?

halloween pumpkins

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. There’s so much excitement and everyone’s creativity comes out.

As a kid, you spent all year deciding and planning which costume to wear. If you were lucky, your mom could sew pretty good and make your idea into reality (somewhat). You could hardly wait until after dinner to start running around the neighbourhood collecting all those goodies. Popcorn balls, mini chocolate bars, rockets, lollipops, licorice, gum and caramels were the standby’s that everyone gave.

The best part of Halloween was getting candy that you had never tried before.  You know those things that your parents would never purchase for you at the store? Someone had dropped one in your bag! You finally got the chance to try it out. Every Halloween, I would find a new favourite chocolate bar, or a new flavour of gum, or just something cool that I had never seen before.

This year, we searched everywhere and found some unique Halloween products to share with you. Some that I have never seen before 🙂 Maybe there’s one that you have never tried?

Have a safe and happy Halloween!