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Have you chose a costume?

halloween pumpkins

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. There’s so much excitement and everyone’s creativity comes out.

As a kid, you spent all year deciding and planning which costume to wear. If you were lucky, your mom could sew pretty good and make your idea into reality (somewhat). You could hardly wait until after dinner to start running around the neighbourhood collecting all those goodies. Popcorn balls, mini chocolate bars, rockets, lollipops, licorice, gum and caramels were the standby’s that everyone gave.

The best part of Halloween was getting candy that you had never tried before.  You know those things that your parents would never purchase for you at the store? Someone had dropped one in your bag! You finally got the chance to try it out. Every Halloween, I would find a new favourite chocolate bar, or a new flavour of gum, or just something cool that I had never seen before.

This year, we searched everywhere and found some unique Halloween products to share with you. Some that I have never seen before 🙂 Maybe there’s one that you have never tried?

Have a safe and happy Halloween!