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Grandma Summer Camp

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Every summer my parents would bring us out to the farm to visit our Grandparents. My Grandma would plan all kinds of activities to keep us busy. We went to Bible camp, Saskatoon berry picking at the Chain Lakes, Picnics at Willow Creek, baking, and playing cards. My favourite day would be when we drove into town and we each got a quarter to spend. We’d run down to the Stedman’s store and head straight for the candy section. We would check out every item and calculate how many things we could get. One chocolate bar, two gumballs, four licorice, a fizz, a bottle of pop…

Even though our quarter doesn’t go as far these days, we still love candy. The Crowsnest Candy Company wants to bring these memories back to life for you, your kids and grandkids. We even have individual candy items that are less than a quarter!

We have specially selected some unique products that we think you’ll really like. We can also custom create a sweet gift for you or that someone special. We may be small now, buy we have some big plans.

Welcome to the Crowsnest Candy Company!